“We hired Explore Creative to redesign and shake up promo materials we'd run for years,
starting with a large scale print ad and direct mail campaign for the grand opening of a new theater
in San Jose. After only 6 weeks, this Century 20 is now one of our most successful in the circuit.
Of course, I attribute it to the marketing. We give Explore Creative a great deal of credit for our success.
And, the working relationship has been a complete pleasure.”
Nancy M. Klasky, Vice President of Marketing, Century Theatres and CinéArts
“Lori is the only designer I've ever worked with where I had the experience of
describing to her what I want to achieve, and when I return to look at what she produced,
I think, ‘that is exactly what I wanted.’ –that is the only time that's ever happened.”
David Cobia, pastor and former advertising executive
“Explore Creative was critical in the update of our corporate image, and helped position us
as creative problem solvers in the world of financial products. The feedback from our customers
is that our brochure and approach are truly unique.”
Vince Braun and Ken Solin, Principals, Bridgeway Capital
“Our retail marketing materials were quite ordinary until we hired Lori's firm.
Her flair for color and balance and her awareness of current trends really impressed me.
I would highly recommend Explore Creative to anyone who wants to ramp up their
marketing communications and make them shine!”
Rosemary Eads, Principal, Palmo Marketing